What we stand for at Abundant Wealth Club

Global poverty eradication and income generation.

Abundant wealth club, is not an HYIP or Investment where you will put money today and expect huge amount of money the following day. And also is not a money doubler. It is a platform where people make voluntary donations of money for each other. To start with, you will buy slot and you will be placed on our payroll where you will be receiving global donations. Moreover you will get donation as soon as it is your turn on the payroll. There is no specified time for a slot to receive donation. And while your slot is on the payroll you can make additional income by referring your family and friends, you will be rewarded with N1000 referral bonus on each slot any of your referral purchase i.e. if you refer someone and the person donate 10 slots at a go. It means you will be rewarded with N1000 X 10 = N10000 instantly.

  1. AWC is not investing peoples money in order to give dividends weekly or monthly, it is people donating money for each other, the money you donate today will be given to the existing donors that are next on the payroll i.e it is turn by turn payment principle and it is first come first serve.
  2. When you donate slot it can never be refunded because it has been distributed to the next person on the payroll, and any money you pay does not go to abundant wealth account, it goes direct to the next person on the payroll account.
  3. It is not compulsory for any member to refer people, but if you refer you will be rewarded with referral bonus.
  4. The more you donate slot, the more you will receive donations on our payroll.
  5. The maximum number of slot you can buy at once is 10 slots. If you want to buy more than 10 slots it means you will buy in multiple of 10 slots to meet up the total of slot you want to buy.

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