Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is abundant wealth club?

Answer: Abundant Wealth Club is an online community of people that was establish to help people achieve their desired goals

Question: When was abundant wealth club established?

Answer: Abundant Wealth Club started offline with five people in year 2001 and we increased to 500 people in 2 years.

Question: What kind of program is this?

Answer: This is an online investment help program, that gives you the opportunity receiving automatic help from different members across the globe simply by helping one member

Question: How can I participate in this program?

Answer: You participate in this program simply by registering and buying a slot to help a member.

Question: What is a slot?

Answer: A slot is a legal tender in the club that shows you have helped a club member and it qualifies you to receive help from thousands of our club members around the world

Question: How does buying a slot help me?

Answer: When you buy a slot it place you in our automatic money generation system. This automatic system will start to generate help for you around the world, immediately after buying the slot. The help generated will be in form of cash and therefore you will start receiving cash alerts on your phone

Question: How much can I earn?

Answer: How much you can earn depends on your current plan. You will be credited with a specific amount each time you receive automatic help through our system and it is based on your current plan

Question: How can I buy a slot?

Answer: Register first to be a member, login with your phone number and password then click on buy slot. You will be given an option to pay through your credit or debit card or pay through an agent. After buying the slot it will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

Question: How long does it take me to earn?

Answer: There is no time limit, because people are always buying slot.

Question: How can I withdraw my money?

Answer: Login with your phone number and password, make sure you have updated your bank details then click on withdraw. You will be given an option to withdraw from your earnings or referral balance. Minimum withdrawal amount is N1000. Your money will reflect in your local bank account within 7 days.

Question: Do you have affiliation program?

Answer: Yes we have affiliation program, when you refer your family and friends with your Abundant Wealth Club registration phone number you will receive N1000 referral bonus instant on each number of slot your referral purchase.

Question: How can I enter into a plan?

Answer: We have three different plans, buying a slot will place you on the Gold plan, and as you continue to receive automatic help through our system, you will be moved to Diamond plan and then Platinum plan respectively

Question: Can I use the money I earn to buy slot for my family and friends or can I buy more slots?

Answer: Yes you can. Login to your account, click on Activate for Others button and fill in the required information then submit to buy.

Question: Is it a recycling program?

Answer: Yes it is.

Question: Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Answer: No, this is a network of people helping people through our automatic income generation system. It is a system where members come in to help each other.

Question: How do I receive global donations?

Answer: You will be relieving sms alert when it is your turn on the payroll.

Question: How much can a slot earn me?

Answer: A slot has capability of passing through 3 stages and capability to receiving N155,000 with N50,000 award in the first stage, N310,000 with N500,000 award in the second stage and N620,000 with N1,000,000 award in the third stage.

Question: Do you have referral bonus?

Answer: Yes, there is a referral bonus of N1000 each time you refer a person with your phone number. But either you refer people or not you will continue to make money. This is another way of making more money.

Question: Is there an award in this program?

Answer: Yes, there is an award for the successful completion of each stages of the program.

Question: Do I have to pay a fee to enter other plans?

Answer: Yes, after you complete a plan our system will have saved more than enough money from your earnings to migrate you to a new plan automatically, so you don't have to worry about that.

Question: What are the benefits of other plans?

Answer: The benefit is that you can earn more based on that plan.

Question: Does it mean I cannot register for any plan I want?

Answer: Yes, we all enter into the Gold plan and the system moves each person based on the amount of help received. The individual will be move to a new plan where he can earn more.

Question: What are the benefits of Abundant wealth club?

Answer: As a member you receive unlimited cash alerts until you have complete the third stage that means you move from one stage to another automatically. We give you award for completion of each stages. You pick an award out of the options we give you. You decide what you want to do with the money you earn on our website.

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