Abundant Wealth Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is abundant wealth club?

Answer: Abundant Wealth Club is an online community network of people that distribute money simultaneously to all their members. It was establish to help people achieve their desired goals, through power of network marketing.

Question: How can I participate in this program?

Answer: You can participate in this program simply by registering and buying a slot booster.

Question: What is a slot booster?

Answer: A slot booster is a legal tender in the club that shows you have participate in club activities, making you an active member and it qualifies you to receive money from thousands of our club members around the world. Without slot booster your registration is inactive.

Question: How can I buy a slot booster?

Answer: Register first to be a member, login with your phone number and password then click on buy slot booster. You will be given an option to pay through your credit or debit card. After buying the slot it will reflect in your account instantly.

Question: How long does it take me to earn?

Answer: There is no time limit, because people are always buying slot booster.

Question: How can I withdraw my money?

Answer: Login with your phone number and password, make sure you have updated your bank details then click on withdraw. You will be given an option to withdraw from your earnings or referral balance. Minimum withdrawal amount is N1000. Your money will reflect in your local bank account instantly.

Question: Do you pay referral bonus?

Answer: Yes, copy your referral link in your dashboard and send it to your people, on each active member you refer you will receive N1000 referral bonus instantly on each slot booster purchased.

Question: How can I enter into a plan?

Answer: We have two different plans, buying slot booster will place you on the Gold plan, and as soon as you complete gold plan, our system will automatically migrate you to Diamond plan.

Question: Can I use my wallet balance to buy slot booster for others or for myself?

Answer: Yes you can. Login to your account, click on Activate Others button and fill in the required information then click on buy slot booster.

Question: Is it a recycle program?

Answer: Yes it is.

Question: Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Answer: No, this is a network of people helping people through our automatic income generation system. It is a system where members come in to help each other.

Question: Is there an award in this program?

Answer: Yes, there is an award for the successful completion of each plan of the program.

Question: What are the benefits of Abundant wealth club?

Answer: As a member you will receive unlimited cash alerts until you have complete diamond plan. It means you move from one plan to another automatically. We will give you award for completion of each plan.