How It Works


Register to be a member

Register as a member of Abundant Wealth Club to have access to all of our club benefits. It is only our registered members that can participate in the club activities.


Buy a slot to earn money

After registration you have to buy a slot N5,500 to start earning money and to help someone. This slot you buy place you on our automatic income generating system.


Recieve unlimited cash alert

Each time any member comes in to help you, you will receive an alert to notify you of how much you have received. This is done for you automatically without your effort.


Refer people for instant cash

When refer people like your family and friend, though it is not compulsory but it is a faster way of making money, immediately you get a referral bonus of N1000.


Get Award after each stage

Our automatic income generating system is in stages. When you complete a stage we will give you an award for the successful completion of that stage.


Start small and earn for life

Either you invite people or not you will be making money automatically as people are joining the club, and this is a life time benefit that does not expire.

AWC Gold Plan AWC Diamond Plan AWC Platinum Plan
Registration Fee: Free to Register Registration Fee: Free to Register Registration Fee: Free to Register
Slot Buying Fee: N5,500 per slot Level Entry Fee: N27,500 Level Entry Fee: N55,000
Cash Profit Alert: N1000 per entry Cash Profit Alert: N2,000 per entry Cash Profit Alert: N4,000 per entry
Level1 Bonus: N5,000 Level1 Bonus: N10,000 Level1 Bonus: N20,000
Level2 Bonus: N25,000 Level2 Bonus: N50,000 Level2 Bonus: N100,000
Level3 Bonus: N125,000 Level3 Bonus: N250,000 Level3 Bonus: N500,000
Total payout: N155,000 Total payout: N310,000 Total payout: N620,000
Completion Award: N50,000 Completion Award: N500,000 Completion Award: N1,000,000

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